About Us

Joe and Missy


"To whom much is given, much is required..."
  Pioneers and Preservationists...
  Dreamers, Doers (Duers) and Defiant Artists...

That would be Joe and me, I am the 6th generation of the Staley family to own and live on our family farmstead. Both of our family backgrounds are generational entrepreneurs; individuals with vision, who kept a watchful eye on the past. With a love for individual freedom, old-time values and ways, we allow opportunity to fuel our creativity and that "if thou canst believe, all things are possible to him that believeth."

Always the mavericks (we come by it honestly), we have never allowed the norm to keep us from doing what we believe in... we will continue to push the boundaries, be authentic to our own unique point of view, never tire and refuse to act our age.

And so, here we are again on another adventure and this time we endeavor to anchor the past securely into the future by distilling the Truth of the past, Age it with wisdom and Craft our whiskey as early as America herself: the spirit of what was and still is... one man, one vision, one family farm ____200 years of distilling the American Spirit.

Living and creating the American Spirit,
                                  Joe and Missy